ZOE Umbrella XL2 Double Stroller Complete Review for 2020

If you are tired of carrying those heavy unfold able baby strollers and searching for a super light weight stroller and  trendy baby stroller than you must have to stop here and take a look over this ‘the best baby stroller’ . This baby stroller is as per the demands of the parents, it has all the qualities required for the baby.

ZOE Umbrella XL2 Double Stroller Complete Review for 2020

If you are interested to purchase it than just take a look over its few specification so that you will get surety that you have spent on something valuable.

  • These are the few engaging qualities that made this stroller preferable for you to purchase.

  • The thing about which most of the parents are concerned is the weight of the stroller. Amazingly, this stroller weights only 16lbs so that you can easily drag it here and there.

  • In order to get some extra features people have to pay more. But in this case you will get a lot of extras without spending a penny. This stroller itself includes a cup holder, a snack tray and a padded belly bar.

  • ZOE Umbrella XL2 Double Stroller Features

  • This super light weight stroller has also a protecting canopy so that you can protect your baby from sunlight and for your concern this canopy has a window so that you can keep a watch over the baby

  • This stroller has also convenient for purchasing because it has good weight bearing limits.

  • It can easy carry weight upto 50lbs. and for your further convenience you can easily recline it for up to 135 degrees.

  • With all these convenient features it is also designed in quite fashionable manner. It is available in different colors so that you can choose the best stroller for your baby.
  • Although this stroller has many engaging qualities but you must be aware of some negative aspects of this product so that you can decide with ease.

  • Brake bars of this stroller are easy to engage. It depends on the path on which you are lifting this stroller.

  • As it is discussed it is quite light weight but it is not that compact. But this is the common problem caused by these double seated strollers. This problem may occur when you pass this stroller from certain doorways.


QUESTION: As it is light weight is it susceptible to break
ANSWER:  It is mentioned that weights 16lbs but it is not fragile because it finely made. It has a fine weight bearing qualities.
QUESTION: Do it cause trouble always while passing through doors
ANSWER: No it not always cause trouble while passing through doors. as it is double sited some times, thorough some narrow doorways it may cause a bit problem while passing.