Side by Side Double Stroller in 2020 – Complete Guide and Reviews

Strollers provide great help for parents in their daily chores. The duty of parents doubles when you have two babies to look after, and the side by side stroller is a miracle for such parents.
Side by side stroller is a better option then tandem strollers depending on your needs and children’s too feel better inside side by side best baby stroller.

Side by Side Double Stroller

The only thing to keep in mind before buying a side by side stroller is that it won’t become a hurdle for your house or car or at any place where you want to carry. Its size especially width, is the only important thing to look for.

And to make this happen, we have carved out the complete guide to help you make this decision and to make sure that you can have the peace of mind for which you have spent money.

We also offer other strollers if they can serve you better, includes Tandem Strollers, Umbrella Strollers.
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Things to see while buying the best Side by Side Stroller:

Keep these points in mind while purchasing Side by Side Strollers

  1. Firstly, analyze your need and check from when you will use the stroller for your babies; some strollers allow you to use them for infants while others have age limits. Choose your stroller accordingly.
  2. If your children are grown up a little, then you must look for the weight limit a stroller can accommodate, so that it can carry both children’s happily. Or until what age/weight, you will use that stroller.
  3. For infants, check either the stroller can support car infant seats or not. It will help you a lot to move your children from stroller to car and vice versa.
  4. Another important factor is checking the size of the stroller; its width is the most important thing to look for so that it won’t get stuck in your doors etc.
  5. Look upon the built of the stroller. You won’t want to buy a stroller which is too heavy to move around with. Its portability is very important thing to look for.
  6. Next, check if you can store it and if it is foldable so that it can be placed aside when not in use.
  7. Another important thing to consider is extra features that stroller has like storing capacity, cup/bottle holders, wheel locking system etc.
  8. Last but not least is setting an appropriate budget to but the best side by side double stroller so that you won’t feel regret after buying it.

4 Best Side by Side Strollers List and Review

  1. Echo Twin Stroller by Chicco

Chicco’s Echo Twin Stroller is one great double stroller, it is side by side stroller, and it is loved by many parents. It is also an Umbrella Stroller.

It possesses dual front wheels with suspensions and locking system for safety. This makes the ride less bumpy and more comfortable for the baby. With safety assurance because of 5-point safety harness.

You can recline the seats separately into 4 different positions, along with that there is adjustable leg support too.

This side by side double stroller is foldable in one move so that you can carry to daily without any hassle. It also offers storage space for baby’s essentials in the form of mesh basket.

The charcoal fabric makes it very sophisticated and timeless thing. Plus, it is also very compact in its style.

  • 4 Independent Recline Positions
  • Adjustable Canopies
  • Storage capacity
  • Compact Style
  • Wheel locks
  • Not available in multi-colors
  1. Bob’s Revolution Flex Duallie Baby Stroller

This stroller by BOB Gear is also another remarkable choice. Many parents trust BOB Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller for their daily use.

The seats are padded with foam and safety harness to keep baby safe. You can use this double stroller straight from the birth of a baby with the help infant car seat. And it can be used until each baby becomes 50 pounds.

The air-filled tires make the ride softer and more comfortable. With that, it also has a suspension system to extend its smoothness further.

The tire locking system is there to ensure safety and the handlebar is also adjustable into nine different positions. Also, there are extra storage pockets and cargo basket given to hold all the necessary items you need.

  • Adjustable Handle Bar
  • Foam Padded Seats
  • Suspension & Locking System
  • Safety System
  • Storage Basket
  • Not available in multi-colors
  1. Britax’s B-Agile Best Double Stroller

This Britax B-Agile Baby Double Stroller is also popular and trusted side by side stroller. The company believes in delivering the best for its customers.

This lightweight stroller, and it is designed for your daily use. You can easily fold it for storage or transportation with an only one-hand move.

The seat is cushioned and has a proper safety harness. You can also recline the seat into different positions according to the mood of the baby. The baby can even sleep on the reclined seat.

Each seat can support up to 50 pounds of weight. The handlebar is adjustable according to you, and big storage capacity is also given under the seat.

  • Reclinable Seat
  • Safety Harness
  • Umbrella Stroller
  • Storage Capacity
  • Foldable
  • Can’t be used as a travel system
  1. Baby Jogger City Mini, GT Double Stroller

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller is another great stroller to consider.

This stroller is good for traveling because of its patented folding technology, and it can be folded into the half with only one-hand.

The non-flat tires used in it make it an all-terrain double stroller. With that, it has a reliable suspension system. Combined, they provide a smooth comfortable riding experience.

The seats are padded with plush to provide extra comfort, and it can be reclined to a near-horizontal position. The handlebar is also adjustable to serve different parent’s needs.

The canopy is very big and also has a window to help the child look through. You can also use it as a travel system by attaching an infant car seat to it.

  • Non-Flat All-terrain tires
  • Reclinable Seat
  • Adjustable Handle Bar
  • Quick Foldable
  • Use as a travel system.
  • Available in one color.


Question: Do the stroller has any cup holders?
Answer: Yes, it does have a detachable cup holder. You may need to remove it every time you pass through small size doors
Question: Can a 6-foot-tall parent use this stroller?
Answer: Yes, the handlebar is adjustable and tall parents can use it easily.
Question: Is the 50-pound weight capacity is per seat?
Answer: Yes, the 50-pound weight limit is per seat.
Question: Does the stroller width allows it to pass through doorways?
Answer: Yes, it can easily pass through standard size doorways.
Question: Can a 5-year-old fit in Baby City Mini Stroller?
Answer: Please check the weight limitation given on the packaging to know the maximum weight limit.

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