A Brief Guide About BOB Stroller Review

Oh! So you are so confused about which stroller would be the best for your child? Don’t worry as we have solved this trouble of yours.

The one who is blessed with little angels is really lucky. Hence, to provide them with proper comfort and care, its only our responsibility. While going outside for a walk or for some other purposes, we can’t let them our little kids to stay home alone. And hence for the same, we need to have the best Strollers.

When you search the market, you will get a plethora of options for the strollers. But, deep down, we all know that no one can match with the quality and performance as BOB provides.

For years BOB has been serving us with its best quality of strollers, and hence we have reviewed some of the models from BOB for you. Read the article review and decide which one would be the best for your child.

Revolution Flex Stroller From BOB

If talking about BOB Revolution Flex Stroller, then this is amongst the top one quality and highest rating stroller from BOB. It is specially designed for the kids of age eight months and more. In case the kid is younger than this then, we would like not to recommend to use this for jogging purposes.

So that your child would get a smooth and comfortable ride, even on the terrain, it comes with an adjustable suspension system. This amazing BOB stroller has been made with great artwork that its front wheel can easily lock into a straight position for jogging purposes. When you get done with the jogging, you can remove the front wheel locking. This will allow swivelling the stroller easily.

In the updated version of the revolution flex stroller, you will get many more changes that you will definitely gonna love. Now, you can easily adjust the seats into upright positions. Also, the task to recline the seat is an easy one-hand lever. In addition to that, the size of the canopy is now larger and compact for more comfort. Hence, your taller kids can also enjoy using the BOB stroller for a long time.

The BOB revolution stroller also comes with a height-adjustable nine position handlebar so that the parents will get to have a proper comfort. In the newest model of this stroller, you can easily adjust the handlebar according to your height which we think is really a great mechanism. With features like 2 step folding, it has a weight limit of 75 pounds, with wide seats.

  • The suspension system and reclining seats for great comfort
  • Plenty of storage
  • Multi-position canopy
  • Features 2 stop folding
  • Ultra padded reclining seat
  • Bulky when folded
  • Comes with less number of accessories

BOB Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller

As the name of the stroller itself suggests that this stroller is specially designed for the dual child. But don’t worry about anything, all the features that have been included in the single version of the BOB revolution will be provided in this stroller also.

Similar to the BOB revolution flex, it also has a height-adjustable handlebar and nine positions. In addition to that, so that the parents can easily walk around, it also has two steps easy fold system. The main reason why most of the parents love to choose this stroller is it’s easy to push mechanism.

While jogging, you can lock its front wheel so that it will move straight, and because of its art suspension system, you can turn it around here and there with ease. When you assemble this stroller, it becomes almost 31 inches wild. Like the BOB Revolution Flex, we have reviewed above; it is recommended for the child above eight weeks until they weigh 50 pounds each.

In the case, you want to use this stroller for the infants then you have to connect an infant car seat. To do so, you can use the infant car seat adapter by the BOB. Both the seats that have been included can be reclines independently, feature five-point harness and are padded. Unlike the single flex, it has an extra-large basket.

  • Peek and chat window
  • Large storage pockets
  • Proper ventilation
  • Reflectivity
  • Proper sear cushioning
  • No recall, unsafe wheel
  • Terrible quality

BOB Revolution Highly Rated SE Single Stroller

This stroller has been designed for jogging purposes; you can also use this on a daily basis easily. This stroller is a little bulkier, which means it will also help to make you a little more fit. To make jogging easy, it comes with a front-wheel locking system. Also, no other stroller could be compared with its manoeuvrability, even on the terrain, its incredible.

The BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller has made with a great art suspension system. And to store your phone and other items, it has plenty of storage. Although this amazing and uniquely designed strolled is easy to fold up and down, but is a little heavy.

The seat of the stroller has been padded properly to provide your child with proper comfort. With the adjustable recline seat, you will also have the option to attach it with an infant car seat. Until your child reaches to 70 pounds from 8 months, you can easily use this stroller.

With a viewing panel, the stroller has a multi-position sun canopy. Hence, if you are searching for a high-quality stroller for a long term use for your child, then it is the best option you will ever get.

  • For a smooth ride, it has a suspension system
  • Option of storage
  • Easy to fold
  • Comfortable seats
  • Adjustable canopy 
  • No extra accessories
  • Challenging under basket

BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller

The BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller almost includes all the quality and the features as we have discussed above in the SE single stroller. To make your jogging experience better even on the difficult terrain, it includes tough wheels and excellent suspension.

You don’t have to pay extra effort to fold this stroller, also its really very easy to manoeuvre. In case you want to use this stroller for the baby younger than eight months then use infant car seats. Both the seats of the stroller have been reclined and padded properly for comfort and features five-point safety harness.

Don’t worry about the storage this BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller; it comes with six pockets and a large storage basket. Hence, if you are searching for the best and quality stroller for two children, then this one is really great.

  • Very easy to turn, move in and out
  • Plenty of storage
  • Enough wide canopy
  • Foot activated break
  • Extra padded seats
  • Bulky when folded
  • Unable to fit into a small vehicle

BOB Ironman Single Stroller

If you are so crazy about running and looking for a stroller that can cop up with your speed with proper safety and comfort, then here is Ironman single stroller for your baby. This stroller has been designed specially so that you can perform running and jogging without and worry.

Just like other BOB strollers it also comes with a variety of features like two-step folding and also the state of art suspension for your ease. No matter whether you are going for jogging or running, your child will be safe and comfortable because of its high pressure and low profile tires of 16 inches.

For the fixed stability, the front wheel of this stroller has been fixed properly. Hence, because of this feature, this stroller is not recommended for daily use. It would be a little difficult for you to move it in small spaces. You can go as fast as you can without worrying.

Like the other BOB stroller, the seat of this stroller is also ultra-padded for a smooth ride. In addition to that, it also features reclines and 5 point harness. Specially designed to carry the weight up to 75 pounds, this stroller could also be attached to the infant car seat.

The BOB Ironman Single Stroller also provides you with features like adjustable and large sun protection canopy and a good amount of storage. So it is preferable for the family who loves running and jogging.

  • Fixed front wheel for extra stability
  • Hand initiated front caliper brake
  • For an ultra smoothing, it has an adjustable suspension system
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy wheels
  • Slick air-filled tires
  • Very costly
  • The handlebar is not adjustable

BOB Ironman Duallie Jogging Stroller

For the families who don’t want to skip their running and jogging and want their children to go with you, then this stroller is only for you. As the name of the stroller, itself suggests that this stroller is made for two children. Also, the fixed front wheel of the stroller will provide stability so that you can run without any issue.

As the front wheel is fixed, hence you can use the stroller on small spaces, it is only recommended for jogging and running purposes. The tires of the stroller are 16 inches wide, and your child will definitely love the smooth-riding of this BOB ironman Duallie stroller.

In case, you have a child younger than eight months; then you can also attach infant car seats to it. This stroller also comes with features like conventional storage, sun shades, and handbrakes.

  • Adjustable canopies
  • Fixed front wheels for jogging and running purposes
  • Large air-filled tires for smooth riding
  • Adjustable suspensions
  • Large basket and pocket
  • Very large and heavy
  • Can’t be used in indoor

BOB Sports Strides Fitness Duallie Stroller

This stroller is unique from all the above-mentioned strollers. It is specially designed for those who are very serious about their fitness. Apart from that, this one is really so attractive, and you will get this one in black, blue, and gray colour combination. The stroller comes with fitness back which includes exercise manual and resistance bands.

This stroller has been designed in a way that you can easily handle tight, and tough turns easily because of its lockable front wheels. In addition to that, it also comes with the adjustable padded handlebar, and for comfortable pushing, it offers nine positions.

Don’t worry if you want to take this stroller along with you anywhere; it can fold without creating any fuss. This stroller will provide your both children with a comfortable and happy ride.

  • Comes with a fitness kit that includes resistance bands, fitness manual, and a class coupon.
  • Air-filled tires for a smooth ride
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • UPF 50+ canopy for a cool and comfortable riding
  • Foot activated parking brake
  • Very costly
  • The inner tube of the tire is of bad quality

BOB Sport Utility Single Off-road Stroller

If you are looking for the stroller that will work smoothly even on the offroad, then BOB Sport Utility Single Stroller is only for you. No matter whether you will use that for offroad jogging or on tough terrain, it will perform the smoothest function ever.

This amazing stroller comes with a number of features like 5 point safety harness, ultra-padded seats, easy and quick fold facility and much more. You can also use that with the infant car seat, and the storage capacity in this stroller is just amazing.

This stroller features BOB’s state of the art suspension, two-step quick fold and ultra-padded, adjustable reclining seats complete with 5 point safety harness. It has good storage and can be used with an infant car seat. The fixed front wheel will help the stroller to be stable even on the tough routes.

Hence, for the families who are fond of jogging and running, this BOB stroller is only for you. With its tough and durable fixed wheel, your kid will feel with proper comfort. But, as you know the front wheel is fixed, hence you can’t use that for local purposes, like in-home or in a local store.

  • Provides an ultra-smooth ride
  • Comes with fully upright seating option
  • Two-step easy fold
  • Air-filled tires on polymer wheels
  • Swivelling Locking front wheel
  • Longer footprint
  • Complicated fold

Highest Rating Review BOB Motion Stroller

If talking about this model of BOB motion stroller, then it has gained one of the highest rating points, i.e. 4.7/5. For everyday use, it would be an excellent choice for your kids. All the strollers that we have mentioned above are for jogging purposes but not this one.

For the families, who are in the search for a lightweight and high quality of strollers, this is the best option for them. You can use this stroller both for local shops, malls or even on rough grounds.

It comes with many great features like compact frame, easy fold, adjustable handlebars. From a baby to 65 pounds weight of the kid, it can easily bear the weight. For a smooth ride even on the terrain, it comes with an independent suspension system and four durable pneumatic tires.

  • It comes with great maneuverability
  • One hand quick fold
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Lightweight
  • Compact frame
  • Very less storage
  • Very hard to push for such a small unit

BOB Strides Fitness Stroller

This is another fitness stroller model by BOB which you will definitely gonna love. Like most of the BOB strollers, this one also comes with lockable front wheels for more stability. No matter if you are jogging or running even on terrain surfaces, the suspension system will give your child a smooth, safe, and comfortable ride.

The BOB stroller designers always take care of the parents too and hence they have also provided the option of the adjustable handlebar. Apart from this, you will also get much space for storage. You will never regret using this amazing stroller for your babies.

  • Comes with a stroller strides fitness kit
  • Adjustable padded handlebar
  • Easy 2 step fold
  • Adjustable suspension system
  • Air-filled tires
  • The handlebar is not properly adjustable
  • Takes a little effort while pushing

BOB Revolution Pro Baby Stroller

The frame material of BOB revolution Pro Baby Stroller has been made from the material of high strength aluminum alloy. And for a better stability purpose, the front wheel of the stroller is a swivel locked.

For an ultra-smooth ride, it comes with an adjustable handlebar, air-filled tires, and handbrakes for downhill control. The upgraded version of this model has many more facilities that you can’t even imagine. The newer version can easily handle the weight of kids up to 75 pounds.

In addition to that, for the toddlers, it has the facility to recline the seat into a fully upright position. You will also get an improved storage basket. Also, BOB will provide you with this stroller in many amazing colours.

  • For stability, it has a swivelling locking front wheels
  • Handlebars are properly padded and adjustable
  • Adjustable suspension system
  • 2 step easy fold process
  • High impact polymer, air-filled tires
  • The canopy of the stroller is not that good
  • It never goes straight

BOB Revolution Pro Duallie Baby Stroller

If you want a baby stroller that you can take with you outside home to malles and shops, then nothing could be better than this stroller, as it’s very helpful and easy to carry. Most of the people are health conscious and a fitness freak, but it’s become little difficult for the women who have to carry their newborn babies with them, so Baby Stroller helps them to do the same.

Talking about the features of the stroller then it comes with hand-activated rear brakes. This will help you to stop the stroller without paying much effort. Adding to that, you can easily head it towards downhill because of its high quality of suspension system.

You can easily ride it over terrains; also, it will provide you and your child much comfort than you ever think of. The handlebar of this stroller is adjustable, hence for all height people, it is good and best.

Using your one hand, you can fold this stroller easily. For top families, who are looking for the stroller of an affordable price, then this is the best product.

  • For great stability, it has fixed front wheels.
  • Five-point harness
  • Parking brake
  • Comfortable padded seats
  • Large canopy
  • Very heavy
  • No accessories included

BOB Sport Utility Duallie Baby Stroller

We know that every family wants to go out to enjoy the beauty of nature, and that’s why they want a sport stroller to provide their child with a comfortable ride. No matter you are riding of what type terrain, the fixed front wheel tires will provide a smooth-riding.

Going deep steep hills or for jogging, the front brake is remotely activated. The suspension system will provide you and your child a smooth ride. Also, this is a project that would be in your budget.

  • Very hard to steer
  • The build quality is great
  • It trakes and handles well
  • The basket is nicely sized
  • Non-overwhelming
  • When folded, it looks bulky and awkward
  • Sturdy frame


I want to find the date of the manufacturer, model number, and serial number on my BOB stroller.
You can find the date of manufacture, model number, and serial number on the lower right of the frame opposite to the right wheel.
Can you please tell me the good age of the baby to start running?
As much as we know and studied, the best age to start running should be eight months or older. There may some exceptional cases also in which children start walking very early.
Which is the best running double stroller?
When you find a number of models of the BOB strollers, you will get so much confused because all of them are really very amazing than can even be thought. Now, it’s up to you which one would fit into your requirements. 
Will the running double stroller help us to stay fit and healthy?
Yes, when you will run or walk with the stroller daily, you will see a great change in your body. Hence, it can be said that strollers are the best way to stay fit.