The Best Stroller For Triplets for 2020 – Complete Guide and Reviews

Everyone loves to walk outside in the evening for getting the fresh air with their loved ones. Nature is really so beautiful, and hence we all should spend some time with it. But there is one problem which only some of you will understand, and that is hanging outside with triplets. It’s really very tough to do so, and that’s the reason why we have come up with this review of the best baby stroller for triplets.

We have researched a lot, and after consulting with our experts, we have found the best stroller for triplets. Although you will find a plethora of options in the market, they all would be hard to push, a little expensive and weigh a tonne.

But, with the help of this review, you will get to know about the best stroller for triplets. All the mentioned strollers have been used by a lot of people, and they are really very happy with them. Let’s start the review.

Joovy Big Caboose Stand-On Triple Comfortable Stroller

This is one of the best strollers for the triplets in the market. Unlike the other triplet strollers, its light in weight and your child will definitely feel so comfortable inside it. It comes with a platform at the rear which allows you, child, to stand or sit and give them a feeling of independence.

Not the matter of concern if you want to use this for your two children or three, this amazingly designed stroller will handle all with ease. It has the capacity to carry the weight of 125 lb easily, from babies to big kids.

The two reclining stadium-style seats of the stroller allows the front riders to see easily outside. Other than that, it has plenty of other things like an optional rain cover, two removable snack trays, storage, and a parent organizer.

  • Comfortable seats
  • For front riders, it has stadium seating
  • Has the option of the standing platform
  • Plenty of storage to keep your phone
  • Solid and stable
  • Doesn’t fold down well
  • Hard to fit into the car

Childcraft The Trio Sport Triple Positioned Stroller

The unique thing which you will get in this stroller is its zippered basket underneath. With the help of this, one can easily be reached to the basket. There are many triplets stroller in which you will get to face this issue but not now.

Apart from the same, all three seats, in this stroller have been placed in a single file. Also, each of the seats has its canopy to save your child from the direct sunlight. Unlike other triplets strollers, this Trio Sport is really very easy to access, and your child will be so comfortable like he/she is in your lap.

To handle the bar of the stroller with ease, it has a cupholder, and in addition to that, with its large wheels, you can easily turn it without paying much of the effort. For safety purposes, it has a 5 point harness. Hence, you can be relaxed as your child is in the safe stroller.

  • Cup container on the handlebar
  • Very comfortable and simple to push
  • Cost-effective
  • Three positioned seats
  • A large basket to its underneath
  • affordable
  • Hard to view all the triplets at the same time
  • Space consuming

Innovatively Designed Valco Baby Tri Mode Duo X Stroller

Rather than a triplet stroller, this Valco Baby Tri Mode Duo X is a triple stroller. Let us tell you that originally it comes with two seats, assigned side by side. In case you want to add an extra one then add it on the top of the stroller like a crown.

The design of this stroller makes it a unique one from other strollers, and this is the additional reason why you will get attracted to this one. In case you just want to take your two kids outside then you can remove its additional seat. Hence, in this way, you can also be a little comfortable.

Apart from the same, this stroller comes with an adjustable footrest and a big basket at its bottom. You don’t even have to apply to much force to move this stroller as you can do the same just by its one hand. At the bottom, one of your children can also take a nap.

In case you want to take this somewhere else, it can easily be folded. In addition to that, you can expand its canopy too.

  • Large and comfortable seats
  • It can be folded easily to take it anywhere with you.
  • Terrain air tires
  • Light in weight
  • Best for both, i.e. toddlers and newborns
  • A bit harder to push
  • Canopy is too wide 

BebeLove USA Triple Best Jogging Stroller

When you search in the market, you will find that there is only a few triplets stroller which is specially made for jogging purposes. With the BabeLove USA Triple Best Jogging Stroller, you can fulfil the wish to do jogging with your triplets.

All three seats in these strollers have been placed side by side comfortably. But it will be better if you would use this only outside the home. It also comes with a removable canopy with much storage on each seat.

Apart from all, this stroller is a little heavy; hence it would also be a good way to do the exercise. In short, it can be said that nothing could be better than this triplet stroller for your kids. Your kids will definitely gonna love this.

  • For additional safety on bumpy roads, it has secured the seat harness
  • Can easily hold the weight up to 150 lbs
  • Also suitable for your kids of age 5
  • Very comfortable and safe
  • Air fixed tires
  • Best triplet stroller for jogging purposes
  • The loose locking wheel mechanism
  • No drink holder

Angeles Bye-Bye SureStop Folding Commercial Stroller

If you have a big family with more than one child or you are running a daycare then this is one of the best strollers you will ever find for your kids. This stroller is specially designed for the four passengers. Hence, your kid can also take a teddy with them. We can assure you that you will nowhere find the stroller like this one, it is top in its class. Although there are other strollers too in the market, the ease and the comfort your child will get inside it, hard to find in others.

This stroller will be fit in most of the doors as it is just 33’’ wide and has a sure stop brake system. A huge safety system includes pedal brake, which increases the whole safety standard. This stroller is lightweight, which makes it easy to carry in your car or with any kind of transport.

Each seat of this stroller holds the children up to 40 lbs that mean a total of 160 pounds and can bend or recline up to 45 degrees which gives great comfort to your children. A great feature to consider is the removable canopies of the stroller — a high-quality, innovative product manufactured by Angles which also provides at least three years guarantee.

  • Best stroller to move around your 3-4 kids at a time.
  • Safe and secure for your child as it reclines to 45 degrees.
  • A better option for those who run a daycare.
  • A better option with an affordable price range.
  • Washable and easy to clean.
  • The Safety feature of the five-point harness.
  • Huge storage space for all four children.
  • It has all-terrain tires in it which makes it so comfortable to turn around. 
  • Bulky and heavy, which makes it quite difficult for you to transport it.
  • A single canopy of all the seats. 


Question 1: Can I use an infant car seat in this stroller?
Answer: You can use it for infants as it is with no problem or else can use a pillow for head support for the infant. We have not tried any car seat, but one can try if you want. It will provide your babies with proper comfort and safety. 
Question 2. After folding it, will it fit in the back of my minivan?
Answer: Actually, it depends on the model of the triplets stroller you have. Many of the strollers easily fit into a minivan but other due to their large size unable to fit into a minivan. Hence, if you want a stroller to fit into the minivan then read the review properly and find the one which can be suitable to carry here and there easily.
Question 3. Do the different weight group children cause an issue in balancing?
Answer: I do not think the weight is going to be an issue as I have used several different age and weight group children. It will be easy for you to push if you have a smaller child on the stroller.
Question4: How far a stroller seat can recline if required?
Answer: Seat reclines to 45 degrees which will make your children ride comfortable. Hence, you no longer have to struggle to carry your kids in your laps. They can also take a nap if they want.