Best Travel Lightweight Strollers for 2020

Baby Strollers are often a great help for parents. Everyone loves to carry the newborn close to the chest in a carrier. However, on walking, it’s a little laborious to handle an infant. Right! You can get the benefits from a stroller by laying the baby in a stroller. It’s pretty easy to do shopping in markets with your baby if you have a lightweight stroller.

The excellent point is, an older baby enjoys the spectacles while out strolling at Parks, Street or in the mall. Effective, right? Plus, modern strollers are miracles of ability and features. The best Double strollers are well rated for twins. Umbrella Strollers are also in demand nowadays.

In today’s topic, we’re talking about the best light strollers that are most selected in quality and class. It is the choice of many parents. It makes your life easier and provides convenience to your infant.

After reading hundreds and thousands of customer reviews, we came to know, a stroller that weighs less than 20 pounds is suitable for traveling. The stroller basket doesn’t carry much, but going to parks, galas, or just the supermarket, are much more comfortable.  In addition, it is far easier to put it in a car trunk than to keep unbuckling and buckling him at each stop. Amazing right!

The Best Lightweight Stroller in 2020 [Complete Guide]

In the present topic, we’ll share our honest review of lightweight strollers. Are you ready to start our journey with us? Want to save your time? Instead, search on the Internet to find the best one for your kiddo. Let’s get this started.

Best Way to Pick-up Lightweight Stroller:

Want to buy the top-rated stroller? Or looking for the most popular lightweight stroller? Which stroller is perfect for my family? Well, you have landed at the right place. In this guide, you’ll find all the possible answers. However, before we dive into the next topics, Read the below question to find the best stroller for your little one.

  • Can I use Light Weight Stroller for my new one?
  • Can I use Lightweight Stroller for a Two-year-old toddler?
  • Choosing Light-Weight Stroller For traveling?

Can I use Light Weight Stroller for My new one?

Well, tough question, let be honest, lightweight strollers are not well known from birth. There is a very simple logic behind it. Many lightweight strollers don’t come with full recline feature. Nevertheless, does it mean Light Stroller is not perfect for a newborn? It is suitable if you have a Britax B-Agile Stroller. It comes with fully reclining seats that accommodate comfort to infants and toddlers while sleeping.

You can use it from birth by adding some extra features like bassinet attachment and car seat adapter. You can make it more reliable by adding the ride along with a detachable seat. It is obvious, the more feature a stroller has, the less lightweight it considered. Right?

So, it depends on your needs. Add extra features to your stroller or use it with default features to make it lightweight.

Can I use Lightweight Stroller for a Two-year-old toddler?

The below-posted strollers will be the best choice for your infants if your infant six-month-old. However, the Maximum weight limit stroller is best for toddlers and mostly for an infant whose age is above then six months. Keep in mind, if you’re looking for a lightweight stroller, it is important to consider your baby age before buying it.

Maclaren Quest Sport Stroller is idle for two-year-old toddlers. We mentioned it because It is excellent for newborns, and children up to 55 pounds.

Choosing Light-Weight Stroller For traveling?

Do you have a strong craze for traveling? Or often outside for your business work? Perfect, then you just need to pick a lightweight stroller for your traveling journey. It comes to the market in Light Weight, That’s Why It’s ideal for traveling.

For touring, you would need a stroller which is light in weight, easy to fold, and small in size, Right? However, the question spring to mind that, which lightweight stroller is excellent for traveling? Well, after reading dozens of customer reviews, we knew, UPPAbaby G-Lite Stroller is Top rated because of its lightweight and some eye-opening features. Apart from this, you can easily fit the majestic UPPABABY in a car trunk.

Most appreciated Lightweight Strollers 

Mini Lightweight Stroller Baby Jogger City

There’re many strollers are available, and It is too challenging to find the best one for your infant, Let be honest, Buying The “Baby-Jogger City Mini 3W Single” for your kiddo is the best move. Many parents have shown love for this upper-class stroller. It comes to the market with a fantastic design. A reclinable seat makes it more reliable. It has all the special and tremendous features of a full-size stroller but comes in a lightweight and small package.

If we talk about its feature then, it includes the padded seat. And the best is, the seat is reclinable. Besides, Large canopy accommodates comfort while short nap. The multi-position sun canopy is another marvelous feature. In shopping, a large storage basket will serve you. You can also utilize it from birth and can even be adopted as a complete travel system, Amazing right!

Personally, I love it because of its one-hand feature. For its easy function, we can store it efficiently. If you want all the features of the bigger stroller, but want to get it in light size, then, believe me, City Mini 3W Single would amaze you.

Not be clear on something? Don’t worry. Let’s take a short guide about its Pros and Cons. Let’s have a look at it.

  • Quickly foldable
  • Super easy to push
  • Decent Reclinable seat
  • Easy to put in a car trunk
  • Utilized for a child up to 50 pounds.
  • Maybe a little difficult to push it rough terrain

Black Pockit Lightweight Stroller

Black Pockit Lightweight Stroller

After using this innovative design stroller, you will agree with me that, it is the world’s smallest folding stroller. Its unique two-step folding design would surprise you. Would you believe me? The weight of the GB pocket is only 9.5 pounds that makes it super easy to handle.

This unique piece is ideal for traveling.  It’s incredible. Believe me; you will be excited to take it. It makes road trips in our hatchback so much easier! It can be easily fitted in an airplane overhead locker. The stroller is well-balanced and feels very stable.

This is small in size but offers amazing features and appears in high quality and innovative design.
The tires are solid (rubber), so steering is smooth and easy with a 30-pound weight. Extremely, easier to navigate this stroller through a large crowd. Just open it (Easy to open by one hand) and boom you’re done!

In last, The GB Pockit remains the tiniest stroller in the World. Its folded dimensions are 12.5″ x 7.8″ x 14.9 Perfect for traveling.

Do you want to know more about this amazing stroller? Let’s get to it.

  • Weighs only 9 pounds (lifesaver)
  • Specially designed for tall parents
  • Super easy to store and simply put in a car trunk
  • Comfortable handles ( Best for both tall and average parents)
  • Ultra-Light ( you’re able to carry it on your handbag)
  • Storage is small and tight ( But, perfect to put baby diapers)

Maclaren Triumph Baby Stroller- Review

Maclaren Triumph Baby Stroller- Review

Maclaren has gained remarkable top reviews because of its lightweight. The seat can be reclined to multiple positions. The particular stroller is Ideal for children (6 months) up to 55lb. It folds really skinny like an Umbrella stroller. Plus, effortlessly fits in the back of a car.

The Maclaren is easy to fold and store and perfect design for tall parents, according to customer reviews, this particular stroller is suitable for 6 feet tall parents. Apart from all features, does it recline all the way for the baby to feel comfortable? To be honest, It’s not a flat recline but, Yes, enough for them to sleep comfortably. All these incredible features make it unparalleled from other toddlers’ strollers.

Are there any extras included in Maclean? Does it come with a large storage basket? Let’s find the answers.

  • Comes with waterproof canopy
  • Washable and recline seat
  • Four-Wheel suspension
  • Rain cover &large storage basket is added
  • Perfect for traveling and tall parents
  • The front wheels touch the shade cover and it gets dirty

Ultra Lightweight Baby Stroller for Everyday Use

Ultra Lightweight Baby Stroller for Everyday Use

Looking for a stroller that comes with a lifetime warranty? Let me tell you something surprising, Zoe XL1 is the top-rated stroller available in the market; you’re able to replace the wheels if you find any broken wheel. It can easily navigate in the subways because it’s narrow and light as a feather.

It’s perfect for everyday use. If you want to save space in your car trunk, the ZOE is ideal for that. If you’re often traveling for your work, then getting this stroller is the best move. It is a one-hand foldable. For this reason, it can easily fit in most airline overhead compartments. Besides, there is suspension on the front wheels which helps you to handle it easily. The handle does not move position. Although, is really comfortable to grip.

Can I get extras with this stroller? Yes! You will get many useful extras with this amazing stroller.

It has a peek-a-boo window on the top of the canopy that protects your infants from Mother Nature elements. In extras, you can get a large storage basket, 5-point safety harness, and a cup holder. A large sunshade and small magnetic canopy are also useful features. If we compare its price with other Baby strollers, then buying this stroller is the best deal.

Is XlI best for winter? Yes, the canopy covers quite a bit and save your kiddo from cold wind and other dust particles. Last, don’t get upset, if you find any broken wheel because they have an amazing warranty.

Clear as mud? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Let take a look at the below advantages and some disadvantages of this miracle stroller.

  • Ideal  for traveling
  • One hand steerable
  • Front Wheel suspension
  • Latest foldable mechanism
  • Lifetime warranty for wheels
  • The handle does not move position.

Chicco’s Lightweight Stroller

Chicco’s Lightweight Stroller

Would you believe? Chicco Capri is only 11 pounds. Amazing right, it is simple to fold and super easy to push. Because of its lightweight mom can’t refuse it, Also, It’s the perfect stroller for traveling especially air travel. This stroller is wonderful. It has a carry strap for easy transport.

Plus, it includes 5 point safety harness and the seat is reclined. To be honest, the seat is not fully reclined but your child will feel comfortable. The seat also offers two reclining positions. Further, you will get a medium basket. You can use it to keep small diaper bags on this storage.

The shade is adjustable and removable. You can also use it without the sunshade. It folds just as easy with it fastened, Besides, All-wheel suspension and front-wheel lockable feature make it a safe and sturdy on a bumpy ride. The best is, this sophisticated stroller is available in eye-catching colors. Genuinely, I love orange color. Because, it’s just comely, it’s also pretty easy to see in a bunch of baby stuff or wherever you are!

Cleaning and wiping this unique stroller is quite easy. Last is, the great Chicco is perfect for use up to 37 lbs.

  • Suitable Price
  • A shoulder carrying strap is included
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Multiple recline seat
  • Aluminum built frame
  • 2 of the straps are not put properly for many newborns

UPPAbaby G-LITE Baby Stroller- Review

UPPAbaby G-LITE Baby Stroller- Review

Let me introduce another lightweight stroller. This stroller is only 10 pounds. Its lightweight is the main reason for its overall reputation. Similar to other lightweight strollers, It also has a removable and adjustable canopy. Besides, It’s easy to fold mechanism makes it a must-try.

This stroller is a masterpiece for all for those who’re mostly outside from home. Plus, appropriate for 6 months and up to 55lbs. It is extremely strong; it also comes with a removable cup holder.

You can maneuver it with one hand on glossy surfaces in the airport leaving your other hand free to pull your suitcase or pick your luggage. Besides, the luggage carrier underneath is plenty large and the seat cleans easily.

The only downside of this stroller is that it does not come with a recline feature. This stroller is best for all those who’re searching for a lightweight stroller. Believe me, after using this tremendous buggy, you won’t look for another stroller.

Click on the link to get the best lightweight umbrella stroller for your little one.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to push and store
  • Compatible with tall parents
  • Super small in size
  • Large storage basket
  • Limited sunshade

Maclaren Mark II Stroller -Review

Maclaren Mark II Stroller -Review

Many moms are using Mark II because of its attractive features. This is super light and easy to maneuver. It’s very easy to push even with one hand. It is also excellent for bringing up and down the subway stairs and very compact after folding. Moreover, you can quickly wrap it away and though it over our shoulders effortlessly. Because of its size and weight, It can be fit in a car trunk. Trust me, its innovative features will never fail you.

In addition to its size, the Mesh panel is added for coolness. Four-wheel suspension makes it more reliable in the terrain. The large storage basket is very helpful to store baby stuff like diapers and drink bottles.

You can also get sunshade and rain cover. These features help you to protect your infant from Mother Nature elements. The individual frame and design make Mark II sexier. Besides, It offers a unique cable brake feature, that makes it unparalleled from its competitors. To give happiness to your baby, the seat is silky and smooth.

Apart from all engaging features, Mark II doesn’t come with reclining seat and footrest. Although, the size, weight and, easy maneuverability totally outweighed the lack of other features (footrest and reclining seat).

Is there anything more appealing? What features make it unique? Let’s take a short note.

  • Fit in a car trunk
  • Light as a feather.
  • Easy to fold and Store
  • Advance cable brake system
  • Fold ultra-small & water-resistant
  • The seat doesn’t recline completely

Lite-Rider Baby Stroller by Graco -Review

The key selling point of this stroller is its portability and unique design. It is most popular for everyday uses. It is available on the market with exquisite features. No doubt, this stroller is just amazing because of its lightweight. This stroller is also the best option for traveling.

It comes with a 12-pound frame. The best is, it also supports all the Graco Click Connect infant car seats. The Infant car seat which can be added quickly and swiftly.

This feature makes it super easy to handle in traveling. Plus, it offers the one-hand foldable feature. Front-wheel and lockable and rear wheel suspension make it safer. The multi-position seat accommodates convenient to your infant. And don’t forget the five-point safety harness.

Furthermore, you’re smart to adjust and remove the canopy. The large storage basket and rear storage pocket are pretty helpful. You can put the baby luggage and other stuff into the basket.

In a few words, if you’re going to buy Graco for your infant, then, believe me, this stroller would give a smooth and sturdy ride to your baby and top-rated for a travel system.

Let’s have a look at the Pros and Cons of this wondrous stroller. Are you ready to get more knowledge about this particular stroller? Let’s dive into it.

  • Portable and Lightweight
  • 38-inch Handle Bar Height
  • One-Handed Folding Mechanism
  • Peek-a-boo window and decent style canopy
  • Cooperative with all Graco Click Connect Car Seats
  • The only drawback is the medium basket underneath and the sun canopy doesn’t cover much.


Up to what age can we use Lightweight Stroller?
Most lightweight strollers don’t come with seat recline feature. So, your baby should be 6 months old to use a lightweight stroller.
Why only Lightweight Stroller?
If you have a strong fetish for traveling or you mostly outside for your business work, then choosing a Lightweight stroller, might be a great step.
Do Lightweight Strollers fit in car Trunk?
Yes, It folds nice and flat, leaving plenty of room in the car trunk for other stuff. It easy to fold mechanism makes it very easy to handle and store.
Is the Lightweight stroller suitable for tall parents?
If your height is above the average, then you’ll be fine. Don’t worry.  Most lightweight strollers are available with a long handle. So, It’ pretty comfortable, Plus, adjustable handlebars help you use it effortlessly.
Is Lightweight stroller suitable from Birth?
These strollers are not very reclining for newborns; however, it is possible to use it to ride yes. It’s a very light and easy to use the cart, Parents really liked it, but the newborn accessory is important. However, you can use it from birth and beyond by attaching the bassinet attachment or car seat adapters.
Is the storage basket included in Lightweight Stroller?
Mostly, a lightweight Stroller comes with a large storage basket. You can use it to store baby diapers or other stuff.